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Founded in 2009, (PSM) Professional Services and Mentoring for Single Parents (formerly Praying Single Mothers, Nfp) is a unified voice of single parent families.

PSM is a non-profit organization representing and supporting single parent families of all facets of life: single, divorced, separated, surrogate, foster and widowed. Our purpose is to enhance the lives of single parents through thoughtful partnering and mentoring relationships.

Our Mission is to empower, restore, and equip single parent families by providing professional services and mentoring opportunities via conferences, workshops, seminars, and training.

PSM will leverage its community network to enable and provide resources to single parent families allowing them to maintain a holistic life while raising their children, our future.

PSM welcomes all single parent families regardless of their religious affiliation, age, ethnicity and culture.

"It's about telling single parents they are not alone; it's also encouraging parents and providing the necessary resources that will change their lives forever." PSM Outreach Volunteer



December 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm - The Solo Circle - 424 10th St., Waukegan, IL



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